The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) is using the RBRVS (Resource Based Relative Value Scale) as the main vehicle for implementing the fee schedule.

Each year CMS proposes changes to MPFS and then at the beginning of the calendar year implements the changes.  The relative value units (RVUs) are almost continuously updated from year-to-year based on special studies.  Additionally, changes to policy issues such as the Global Surgical Package (GSP) are discussed in the Federal Register.  CMS is now in the process of doing away with the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) and replacing it with value-based or merit-based payment mechanisms as required through MACRA 2015.

Webinar Objectives: 
review the main components of MPFS
discuss the broad range of changes being made to MPFS including technical RVU (relative value units) changes as well as policy changes
discuss the changes being made relative to the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR
review proposed changes in the RVUs for selected physician specialties
review changes in CPT and HCPCs coding
discuss the proposed change in the Global Surgical Package (GSP)
discuss associated policy areas such as physician quality reporting and the physician compare website
review changes in associated payment systems and services such as telehealth, anesthesia and the ambulance fee schedule (AFS)
discuss non-physician practitioners (NPPs) special changes that are being made relative to NPPs
review the possible impact of the proposed changes on different specialty areas
discuss related issues such a provider-based clinics and special services such as observation services

Webinar Topics:
I. Review of MPFS and RBRVS
a. Use of Relative Value Unit
i. Work Component
ii. Practice Expense Components
iii. Malpractice Component
b. Conversion Factor and the SGR
c. Updating of RVUs
d. Geographic Adjustments for MPFS
e. Non-Physician Practitioner Involvement
f. Major Policy Areas for the MPFS
g. Other Areas Affected by the MPFS
II. Review of Code Set Changes
a. CPT
III. Changes Being Made to MPFS/RBRVS for CY2017
a. RVU Changes
b. Conversion Factor and the SGR
c. Site-of-Service Considerations
d. Changes in GPCIs
e. Facility vs. Non-Facility Practice Expense RVUs
f. Radiation Oncology
g. Future Changes and Trends
IV. Global Surgical Package (GSP)
a. GSP Basics
b. Problem Area for Physicians to Report Correctly
c. Discontinuing 10-Day and 90-Day Global Periods
d. Possibly Impacts on Physicians and Clinics
e. Commenting to the Proposed Changes
V. MACRA 2015
a. MIPS – Merit-Based Incentive Payment System
b. APM – Alternative Payment Models
c. Timing of Changes
d. Payment Impacts
VI. Associated Areas of Concern
a. Ambulance Fee Schedule
b. Anesthesia Fee Schedule
c. Telehealth
d. Non-Physician Practitioners
e. Health Information Technology
f. Physician Quality Reporting
g. Provider-Based Clinics
VII. The Future of MPFS and RBRVs

Target Audience:
Clinical Staff, Nursing Staff, Physicians, Non-Physician Practitioners, Physician Practice Managers, Clinic Administrators, Financial Analysts, Revenue Cycle Specialists, Chargemaster Coordinators, Provider-Based Clinic Staff, Compliance Personnel, Other Interested Personnel
Faculty: Duane C. Abbey

Duane Abbey is a management consultant and president of Abbey & Abbey Consultants, based in Ames, Iowa. For over twenty years Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc. has provided superior healthcare consulting services to hospitals, hospital systems, physicians, medical clinics and integrated delivery systems. In addition to his consulting, Dr. Abbey has been an invited presenter for hospital associations, medical societies, and other groups. He has also published both articles and books on health care topics. Dr. Abbey earned his graduate degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Iowa State University.

Nursing Contact Hours: 
Nursing participants: This program has been approved for 1.8 contact hours by the Iowa Board of Nursing Approved Provider Number 339.
All other participants: Must attend the entire Webinar and complete a Webinar critique to receive a 1.5 Hour Attendance Certificate. 
12/6/2017 11:00 AM - 12/6/2017 12:30 PM
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