WEBINAR: How To Create Effective Employee Newsletters

Internal newsletters can be a powerful employee communication tool, serving to communicate key information about the company and to provide a vehicle for employee recognition.

Attend this webinar to get the information and knowledge you need to begin the process of creating an employee newsletter for your team. You’ll discover what you need to know to be able to produce attractive, effective employee newsletters that will want to read, resulting in team members who are more engaged and informed.

While the idea of producing an employee newsletter might at first seem to be a bit overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be difficult – and the results and impact can be well worth the effort. The key to making the process manageable is to go into it with a clear strategy and plan to guide you along with way. Attend this informative webinar, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do.  

• Develop an appropriate content plan for an employee newsletter
• Be able to identify optimal newsletter format (digital or print) and schedule
• List and describe key best practices for newsletter design and production

Key topics covered include:
• Key benefits of employee newsletters
• Determining if a newsletter could be beneficial for your organization company
• Ideas for key types of information to include in an employee newsletter
• Determining an effective content plan for your newsletter
• Tips for how and where to source content and images for your employee newsletter
• Factors for determining if print or digital distribution might best meet your needs
• Best practices for newsletter layout & design
• Determining the ideal scheduled for newsletter distribution
• Newsletter production steps and considerations

Randall Olson is a founding partner of MTI Business Solutions, where he works as a professional trainer and consultant specializing in management, leadership, communication, sales and team development, learning management systems and services related to Everything DiSC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, PXT Select and ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification. He designs print and email employee and marketing-oriented newsletters for several clients. 

Randall has more than 25 years of experience in adult, corporate and continuing education. His background encompasses all aspects of training, including design, development, and delivery of various types of programs. He is an Everything DiSC certified trainer and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Accredited Facilitator. 

He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and volunteers training services to the Baldwin Veterans Court System. He is a member of the Alabama Restaurant Association and the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce.
12/5/2017 10:00 AM - 12/5/2017 11:30 AM
United States


Tuesday, 05 December 2017

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