WEBINAR: The Blockchain in Health Care

The blockchain is poised to be the next disruptive technology in health care. While the first blockchain technologies were in finance, there is a great deal of excitement over blockchain in health care as regards its multiple utilizations to improve patient care and hospital efficiency. Forbes magazine wrote in March “With Monsoons Of Data, Healthcare’s Salvation Just May Be Blockchain.”

Most hospitals have more questions than answers regarding blockchain. Is it just hype or is it real? How will it disrupt different areas of health care? Will it work with existing systems? And perhaps most importantly — what exactly is the blockchain?

A recent IBM report, Healthcare Rallies For Blockchain, reported that in its survey of 200 health care executives:

16 percent of health care organizations are targeting a “commercial blockchain solution at scale in 2017.”
Organizations that are primed for this 2017 commercialization see the greatest benefits in clinical trial records, regulatory compliance and medical records.
Nine out of 10 survey respondents reported the desire to finance blockchain applications by 2018.

According to the researchers, blockchain technology offers the industry “long data” versus “big data” — that is, data that reaches as far back in time as possible. The potential could capture a patient’s full health history, including every vital sign ever recorded and medicine ever taken, including data from all types of wearables.

The blockchain’s greatest potential may be in finally enabling the interoperability of electronic medical records (EMRs), replacing the role of the Health Level Seven (HL7) standards and allowing different EMR systems to communicate in real time via its trusted shared ledger technology. This facet of EMRs has gained new momentum since Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price singled out EMR “interoperability” as a prime focus of his efforts.

In this webinar, researcher Ron Galloway will answer that question and many more surrounding this transformative new technology. Topics to be covered include:

Understanding the trusted ledger concept of the blockchain
Its practical uses in health care, including drug supply chain integrity, population health research and clinical trials
Why HHS is focusing on blockchain for interoperability and connected health
Blockchain and the health care Internet Of Things
What is Hyperledger and how is it related to blockchain?
The vital role of trust in blockchain applications
What will be the role of “patient mediated data?”
How will blockchain affect the medical payments process and claims adjudication?

Ron is noted for taking very complex subjects and presenting them in a manner that is clear, understandable and to the point. Therefore, attendees from all levels of a hospital’s organization will benefit from learning about this fascinating new innovation.

Who should attend
Information technology managers and staff, electronic medical record related staff, finance staff, pharmacy staff, C-suite and board members.

Ron Galloway, researcher and chief executive officer, Method Research LLC, Augusta, GA

Ron Galloway is a technology researcher and CEO of Method Research LLC. He produced the films “Ransomware in 2017” and “Understanding The Blockchain.” Over the last 10 years he has presented his work at nearly all the state health care associations, as well as dozens of hospitals. For 20 years he was an institutional research analyst covering health care and finance. His other films include “Why Wal-Mart Works” and “Rethinking PowerPoint.” He is a graduate of Georgia Tech.
6/15/2017 12:30 PM - 6/15/2017 2:00 PM
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Thursday, 15 June 2017

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