WEBINAR: CMS Infection Control Standards & Antibiotic Stewar

This webinar will cover the current CMS infection control standards in detail.

We will also discuss TJC antibiotic stewardship program requirements and the CMS proposed infection control standards. This will include the CDC Core elements for hospitals and outpatient departments regarding their antibiotic stewardship program. This will include some significant proposed changes to the infection control standard from the Hospital Improvement Act.

Webinar Objectives:
recall the many policies and procedures required by CMS in the area of infection control
describe that The Joint Commission has an antibiotic stewardship program
discuss that CMS requires that the national standards of care and practice must be followed such as those from the CDC, SHEA, APIC, OSHA, and AORN,
describe that all glucose meters should be cleaned after each use
recall that CMS requires mandatory education in infection control
recall that a clean needle and syringe should be used each time under the safe injection practices memo issued by CMS

Target Audience
Infection Control Nurse or Coordinator (infection control professionals, now called Infection Preventionists by APIC and CMS), Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Nurse Educator, Hospital Epidemiologists, Infection control committee, Nurses and Nurse Managers, PI Director, Joint Commission Coordinator, Nursing Supervisors and Department Directors, Anesthesiologist and CRNAs, Chief Medical Officers and physicians, Risk Manager, Senior leadership, Pharmacists, Board members, Lab Director, Patient Safety Officer, Compliance Officer, Dietician, Maintenance Director and staff, Housekeeping (Environmental Services), OR manager and OR staff, Anesthesia staff and anyone interested in or responsible for infection control

Webinar Topics:
Who needs to follow
ISMP IV Push Guidelines
2016 Proposed changes to infection control
o Antibiotic stewardship program requirement
o IP appointed by the board and approved by MEC and CNO
o Changes in the IC standards
o Compliance with standards of care
Importance of infection control today
CMS Infection Control Breaches Memo
CRE and cleaning of scopes
Humidity memos
CDC 2016 Vaccine Storage and Handling
CDC November 2015 Outpatient Guidelines 
CMS Safe Injection Practices memo
CMS Insulin Pen memo
CMS infection control surveys
CDC HAI and deaths
CMS final worksheet on infection control
CMS Memo to Surveyors
June 7, 2013  three changes to the infection control standards
September 26, 2014  CMS Manual
Tag number A-0747 through 750 and 756
Active program for prevention and control
Includes infection and communicable diseases
Applicability to housekeeping and maintenance
Dietary surveillance areas
Following standards of care; APIC, CDC, OSHA, AORN, SHEA
Documenting surveillance activities
Participation in PI projects and NHSN
NNIS  system and tracking MRSA and VRE
Challenges in MDROs (multi-drug resistant organisms)
Ambulatory and ED areas
CDC’s HICPAC (federal advisory committee)
Isolation guidelines, prévention pneumonia etc.
Bioterrorism and emergency preparedness
OSHA compliance
Survey procedure by CMS surveyors
New required policies in infection control
Resources for infection control must be adequate
System to identify, report, investigate and control infection
HAI and community acquired infections
Infection control officer’s responsibilities
Log of incidents
Keeping up with the literature
Resources for complying with standards
HHS video on Preventing HAI every practitioner should see
CDC guidelines on intravascular catheters
CMS revised CoP on IV medications and blood transfusions
HHS HAI Video every healthcare provider should see Partnering to Heal
CDC Guide and Checklist for Outpatient Setting; Minimum Expectations for Safe Care 
CMS Plans Infection Control Inspections of Hospitals

Sue Dill Calloway, RN, Esq. CPRHM, AD, BA, BSN, MSN, JD, Attorney at Law
President of Patient Safety, Healthcare Consulting and Education Company

Sue Dill Calloway, R.N., M.S.N, J.D. is a nurse attorney and President of Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education. She was the past VP of Legal Services at a community hospital in addition to being the Privacy Officer and the Compliance Officer. She worked for over 8 years as the Director of Risk Management and Health Policy for the Ohio Hospital Association. She was also the immediate past director of hospital patient safety and risk management for The Doctors Insurance Company in Columbus area for five years. She does frequent lectures on legal and risk management issues and writes numerous publications.

Ms. Calloway has given many presentations locally and nationally to nurses, physicians and attorneys on medical and legal issues. She has authored numerous articles and over 1000 articles and 100 books, including the 2009 Joint Commission Leadership Standard (HCPro), Nursing and the Law (PESI, 1986 and 1987), Ohio Nursing Law (West Publishing), Nursing Ethics and the Law (PESI, 1986), Legal Issues in Supervising Nurses (PESI, 1988), Medicine Made Easy (PESI, 1992) and The Law for Nurses Who Supervise/Manage Others (PESI, 1993), Legal Issues in Obstetrics (PESI, 1997) and JC Leadership Standards (HCPro, 2004), and the Compliance Guide to the CMS and the Joint Commission Patient Rights Standards (HCPro, 2005), and the 2009 book on the Joint Commission Leadership Standards (HCPro). She often writes articles called the “CMS Corner” in Briefings on the Joint Commission. Ms Calloway is a 1996 recipient of PESI's Excellence in Education Award.

Nursing CEU Credits: 
Nursing participants: This program has been approved for 2.4 contact hours by the Iowa Board of Nursing Approved Provider Number 339. Completion of offering required prior to awarding certificate.
All other participants: Must attend the entire Webinar. The webinar registrant must also submit a sign-in sheet with names of all attendees to Anasthia Amos (aamos@mhanet.org) to be eligible for MHA Continuing Education credits. 
5/22/2017 9:00 AM - 5/22/2017 11:00 AM
United States


Monday, 22 May 2017

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