Recovery and Cyber-Security Webinar -- March 26, 2020  
SPEAKERS: Sarah Baker SPEAKERS: Navin Balakrishnaraja     
Healthcare Medical Surge Course -- February 11, 18, & 25, 2020   
SPEAKERS: Lillie Bailey,
Burt Schmitz, Alisa Willilams,
Steven Jones, Christy Hoover,
Amanda Kirk
SPEAKERS: Lillie Bailey, 
Burt Schmitz, Alisa Willilams,
Steven Jones, Christy Hoover,
Amanda Kirk, Natousha Todd
 SPEAKERS: Lillie Bailey, 
Burt Schmitz, Alisa Willilams,
Steven Jones, Christy Hoover,
Amanda Kirk
 Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) -- April 16, 17, & 18, 2019  
Biosafety and Infectious Disease Train-the-Trainer -- April 2, 2019  
 Coalitions: Building Community Resilience Regional Forums -- March 6, 20, & 27, 2019  
SPEAKER: Joyce Pearson
"Mississippi ESF-8 and Medical
Healthcare Coalition Resources"
  SPEAKER: Molly Chew
"MSDH Criminal History a
Background Checks: a
Now and in the Future"
  SPEAKER: Kerry Minninger
"MSDH Incident
Management Service"
George Humphrey, PhD 
"MHA - MS Mitigation
Strategies: Hazard Mitigation
Assistance Programs"
  SPEAKER: Jeffery Jones, RPh
"The Mississippi Opioid
   SPEAKER: Sonya Stokes-Sumrall
"Hurricane Michael
VISN 16 Healthcare System
Speakers PowerPoint Presentations from MEHC Meeting -- February 26, 2019   

Chris Lake, PhD
"A Day Like No Other"
"A Day Like No Other:
A Case Study The
Las Vegas Mass Shooting"
SPEAKER: Gregory Doyle
"How Preparedness Works
Well in Planning/Exercises/
  SPEAKER: Gina Lowe
Aurora Health & Rehab Fire-Evac"
  SPEAKER: Kerry Minninger
"Incident Management Software
(Knowledge Center, MRMS)"
 Speakers PowerPoint Presentations from Coalitions Forums -- March 7, 8, & 28, 2018
Dorita Sondereker,
Scott Scherr, MD,
 Hilary Mauch
"Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center: Response to October 1 Mass Casualty Event"
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SPEAKER: Eric Alberts
"Orlando Health Response to the
Pulse Nightclub Tragedy"

SPEAKER: Eddie Ivy and 
Ben Barham
"The Community Exercise Process"

SPEAKER: Lisa Spivey
"17 Days with Harvey: Catastrophic
Medical Operations Center"


 SPEAKER: Amanda Sralla
"When it's not a drill...
Connally Memorial Medical Center"

  SPEAKER: Dr. Daniel Edney
"Opioids: State of the State"
   SPEAKER: Judy Gill
"Coalitions-How Do You Sustain Them"
  Speakers PowerPoint Presentation and Webinar -- July 19 & 20, 2017  

download, and/or print
Hazard Mitigation Assistance
Programs PowerPoint presentation.

SPEAKER: George Humphrey
"Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program"
recorded Webinar of 
Mitigation Assistance Programs

WEBINAR SPEAKER: George Humphrey
"Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program"
  Speakers PowerPoint Presentations from Coalitions Forums -- March 2 & 7, 2017  


SPEAKER: Bob Besley
"Building Coalitions and Partnerships
through Healthcare Emergency

   SPEAKER: Burt Schmitz
"CMS Conditions of Participation
for Emergency Planning"

  SPEAKER: Chris Reid
"ESF 8 Update: Roles and Responsibilities
of Health and Medical Services"


SPEAKERS on Local Coalitions
Success Stories
"Coalitions: Building Community
Resilience - District IX"

   SPEAKER: Matthew Hewings
"MEMA's Daily Update Briefs"

   SPEAKER: Erin Coker
"Mobile County Healthcare
Emergency Response Coalition"


 SPEAKER: Matthew Hewings
"MEMA - Office of Response"

   SPEAKER: Shawn Wise
"MEMA -Office of Preparedness"
om 3/02/2017

  SPEAKERS: Brittany Hilderbrand
& Kamika Durr
"MEMA -Office of Preparedness"


SPEAKER: Wes Holsapple
MS Statewide ESF-8 Healthcare Coalition
and the 9-District Planning Coalitions

  SPEAKER: Elliot Gion
Major Hospital Evacuations

  SPEAKER: Ray Coleman
Lessons Learned in Copiah County
Gravel Pit Incident