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The Mississippi Nurse of the Future Competency Model is the culmination of a collaborative effort of many nursing leaders in the state and one outcome of the Mississippi Council of Deans and Directors of Schools of Nursing (MCDDSN) Education Redesign Taskforce (ERTF) initiative. The 2011 adoption of this model demonstrates the MCDDSN’s most recent implementation of a successful model that defines core competencies for entry-level nursing practice. The MCDDSN is committed to continuous quality improvement in nursing education, including preparing nurses of the future with competencies for effective nursing practice and leadership to advance health care.

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In 1997, Mississippi was one of the first states to develop and adopt a competency model. The desired outcomes of this model were to enhance the education and practice of Mississippi nurses, facilitate articulation across nursing education programs, and assist employers in understanding the differences in expected skill sets based on educational degrees. Competencies were identified according to roles of nurses with varying educational backgrounds encompassing LPN, ADN, BSN, and MSN preparation. In 2002, the Mississippi Competency Model was revised to include PhD competencies. Schools of nursing have used the Model as a basis for designing curricula and policies to improve the articulation among educational programs and upward mobility of nurses in Mississippi.

The MCDDSN Strategic Plan for Education Redesign, developed in 2009 and updated annually, provides the framework and guidance for Mississippi’s continued work to address the changing demographics and societal needs for nursing and healthcare in an increasingly complex healthcare environment. The Strategic Plan depicts nursing education priorities, resources needed, short-term and long-term outcomes. One track of work emanating from the 2010 strategic plan was the appointment of the Education Redesign Task Force, charged with:

  • Updating the MS Competency Model with core competencies for the nurse of the future:
  • Reviewing best practice models for curriculum redesign
  • Creating models for seamless academic progression across education levels
  • Facilitating voluntary implementation of a state-wide curriculum model that integrates essential competencies for nursing practice

The ERTF brought together statewide stakeholders in nursing education and practice to review national recommendations and guidelines for nursing practice, national nursing education accreditation standards and other state competency models. The initial review by stakeholders spearheaded focus group sessions among practice partners to identify gaps between the 1997 competencies and core competencies for future nursing practice. The outcome of the critical analysis of existing documents and stakeholder meetings led to the eventual adoption of the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies© (Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Nursing Initiative, 2010) as the Mississippi Nursing Competency Model: Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies, to replace the existing 2002 model.

The MS Nursing Competency Model identifies the ten Nurse of the Future (NOF) Nursing Core Competencies and the knowledge, attitudes and skills associated with each. The competencies are designed to guide curriculum development and implementation in pre-licensure nursing programs. The model provides the foundation for further development of depth and scope of the competencies for advanced nursing practice at the master’s and doctoral levels.