"Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh No!"

Dorothy found herself in a pickle in the middle of that movie. She had no idea what was ahead and, as we all know, danger jumped out at every turn.   We can relate, right here in the middle of COVID-19. No – it’s not circus animals we are worried about. It’s that ever-changing “whatever it is” waiting just around the next proverbial corner. Waiting to jump into our path.

Mississippi’s weather will continue its ever-changing normal, even tho COVID-19 arrived without invitation. Currently it’s calm (and HOT) but as we all know, our weather can turn on a dime in the blink of an eye. Hurricane season is upon us; tornadoes are a Mississippi tradition; and just how many floods have we experienced thus far in 2020?

Yep, we can get in a pickle real quick. That’s why MHA CARES is always there, always a compass, a lighthouse, an umbrella in the midst of storm. Our healthcare heroes can turn to us whenever their weather turns on them.

The MHA Cares fund was established in 2005 by the Mississippi Hospital Association to assist families of hospital employees affected by natural disasters. All funds raised through this effort are distributed to hospitals in affected areas. The hospital then distributes the funds to the employees who need it the most. In the first six months of 2020, 87 employees at six different facilities have been helped by MHA Cares.  

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution for the reserve. You can donate by paper mail or by PayPal or credit card. We appreciate you.

No, it’s not Lions, Tigers and Bears –

But when disaster hits, MHA CARES.

(don’t make us release the flying monkeys. 😊)