Data Services

MHA's Data Services gathers, analyzes, and interprets data about Mississippi hospitals and health systems.  


  • ADT notification alert system (text, email, or internal system notification)
  • Improved discharge planning - has been show to reduce readmissions by -10%.

Chime Maps

  • Hospital market analysis
  • Community needs assessment

Hospital Economic Impact 

  • Annual release of economic impact Internet-based survey submission
  • Annual release of economic impact data for hospitals and other health care providers

Medicare Impact Modeling 

  • Payment impact analysis of Medicare regulation and legislation
  • Source: Medicare health care provider cost report information system (HCRIS)


  • "Point & Click:" ease to use Internet-based software tool that provides more than 90 report templates that you can customize for use with inpatient/outpatient data
  • "Slice & Dice:" customized Internet-based software used to build reports and charts for use with inpatient/outpatient data
  • "Discovery Datalytics:" a suite of dashboards that provide members the opportunity to visually analyze hospital and health care data in support of strategic planning and operational decision making.

Statewide Inpatient/Outpatient Databases

  • Inpatient: data on acute inpatients including newborns, skilled, swing bed skilled, behavioral health and rehabilitation
  • Outpatient: data on all hospital-based ambulatory procedures, emergency room and observation patients
  • Required by the State of Mississippi
  • Databases released semiannually
  • Data available in Dimensions (software used to produce data in a user friendly useful format)
Data Due Quarterly:
  • 1st Qtr Data Due May 31
  • 2nd Qtr Data Due Aug. 31
  • 3rd Qtr Data Due Nov. 30
  • 4th Qtr Data Due Feb. 28
For more information on Data Services, email Steve Lesley or call (800) 289-8884.