Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative

“Today, the Mississippi Hospital Association Board of Governors voted to support the Medicaid expansion ballot initiative put forth by Healthcare for Mississippi. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the importance of health coverage for all Mississippians, but especially for those earning near the poverty level. Even before the pandemic – in 2019 – our hospitals spent more than $600 million on uncompensated care.

MHA has spent eight legislative sessions presenting various options to the Legislature and state leadership to expand options for healthcare coverage. With over 60% of Mississippians in support of Medicaid expansion, the Mississippi Legislature has had every opportunity to address this issue, especially with the additional financial incentives offered during the pandemic which would pay Mississippi billions of dollars to expand coverage. Since the legislature and state leadership have not taken action, the MHA Board voted to move Medicaid expansion forward by any means necessary for our patients and our communities.”

- Timothy H. Moore
Mississippi Hospital Association