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HPP Training and Certifications


Professional Training

The HPP program offers FREE trainings to healthcare workers throughout Mississippi. Our training opportunities are geared to enhance knowledge and professional development. Participants earn continuing education credits and/or units.


Certificates of Completion and Certifications indicate skills and knowledge to manage a professional practice. Complete one of the quality programs listed below and become state, nationally, and/or internationally recognized as a career professional. Maintenance trainings are available.

1. Enroll in a program

Click a training/certification name to view an information flyer that will provide participation requirements and deadline date(s) for the class you are interested in attending. When you are ready to enroll, type or print your information on the 'downloadable' registration form attached to the back of the flyer, then select your training date (multiple options are sometimes available).

2. Complete the requirements

Once enrolled, you will receive an email 'confirmation notice' with your name, title of the training, date, physical address where the training will be held, and driving directions. Please be sure to read enrollment criteria on the information flyer prior to registering.  Some trainings/certification programs may require prerequisites.  If a training offers continuing education units or credits, this is usually highlighted on the flyer.  If you have questions, please contact Teresa Jones or call 601-368-3228.

3. Complete the program

Complete all of the necessary requirements and ensure that you have met the minimum number of hours required for the training/certification. When your application has been approved, your certificate/certification is earned!