Date: November 25, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Pfizer has recently applied for an EUA with the FDA for their COVID-19 vaccine.  MSDH anticipates vaccine distribution soon, but the initial allocation will likely be limited.  The initial priority for vaccine administration will be frontline hospital staff at highest risk of contact to COVID-19 infected patients.  In order for your hospital to receive vaccine to administer to priority staff, your facility must be enrolled as a COVID-19 vaccine provider.  If your facility does not enroll with MSDH as a vaccine provider, your hospital will not receive vaccine to administer to priority staff.  The Provider Agreement and enrollment details are available at,0,71,975.html Please see the link below for the full Health Alert Message:



Paul Byers, MD
State Epidemiologist

To receive an allocation - all hospitals must be enrolled (see link) below.