The Medical Center's Aden Carroll Publishes poetry book

The Delta has always been known for creativity in music, art, and the written word.  History has shown that this region cultivates the artistic and inspired, who share their works with others.  Right here, right now this has happened again with a native daughter, Aden Carroll.  Aden has written and published her first book, The Marks Humans Leave, a collection of poetry that delves into grief, heartache, loss, healing, and rebirth.  What makes this achievement even more special is Aden’s background.

Aden is a registered nurse who currently works at Delta Health System-The Medical Center as a clinical informaticist.  You might ask, what is a clinical informaticist?  The polar opposite of the creative force that usually writes poetry.  Aden is responsible for building and supporting the data and information technology at the hospital known as Meditech.  This vital work allows the medical records and services to remain online and safe to all who use the system.  This includes hospital staff and physicians who rely on Aden without ever meeting her.  Aden graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Old Dominion University and spent many years working in nursing positions such as emergency rooms and critical care units.  Not the typical writer’s scenario.

“Aden has been a stellar employee for over seven years and to witness the publishing of her personal story is phenomenal.  I am proud of her and am excited for Aden’s future.  Fortunately for The Medical Center, she continues her role here which we are grateful she is on our team,” said Chrissy Nicholson, Chief Human Resources Officer. 

Her love of the written word comes from her background growing up in rural Arkansas raised by her mother, a literature teacher, and her father, a crop-duster. Aden began writing at the age of twelve and has never looked back. Traveling to other parts of the country to work and begin her family, her most beloved twins, Christian and Evangeline, were born in Virginia.  She knew one day that her home was back in the region she called “home.” 

During the pandemic, Aden’s life took a turn which led her to look inward and make the decision to write “The Marks Humans Leave,” about her life experiences both positive and negative.  “Whether battling a pandemic, seeing your first child born, navigating the grief of divorce, or ringing the bell after the last cancer treatment, we all endure both positive and negative aspects of being human and all that those experiences bring with them,” said Carroll.

“Rarely do you find a person with an objective mind that checks every box and tics off to-do lists meticulously and yet be capable of such soulful, resplendent writing. Aden is truly a Renaissance Woman!”, said her supervisor Angie Parkinson-Piasecki, Administrative Director of Quality, Clinical Education & Critical Care Services.

Aden’s days are spent at The Medical Center and her evenings writing and caring for her twins.  Christian is an athlete and Evangeline is an avid reader and actress.  Nights are devoted to family time together with homework, movie nights, making homemade chocolate chip cookies, and enjoying life.  “On behalf of The Medical Center, we are delighted for Aden and this new life chapter,” added Nicholson.  “The Marks Humans Leave” can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle.