Merit Health plays an integral role in healthcare in Central Mississippi, thanks to our knowledgeable and compassionate staff. During Hospital Week, May 7-13, 2023, we recognize and celebrate our caregivers for the difference they make each day. Our team members are energized by their work to fight illness and promote wellness for patients and our community.

Around the clock every day of the year, our hospitals offer a safe environment for care thanks to our physical plant and environmental services staff who work to keep the building clean and comfortable.

To help you live healthier, our primary care physicians, imaging, and lab workers deliver screening and diagnostics to keep your health on track.

When you are ill, our nurses, physicians and other providers work to help you get better with the treatment you need, whether surgery, physical therapy or inpatient care.

As your family is growing, our labor and delivery teams help you welcome new members with childbirth services.

In a medical emergency, our emergency room physicians, nurses and other team members address your injuries or intervene with timely treatment of heart attack and stroke.

In times of natural disaster or major accidents, we coordinate with first responders, the health department and other area providers to protect our community and support recovery.

Helping people get well and live healthier is our purpose at Merit Health. I am proud of our providers who are here for you and serving as a part of our health care team. Please join me in recognizing the extraordinary difference our caregiver team makes when we come together for you.

Sam Dean is the Chief Executive Officer of the Merit Health Jackson market.