To reduce the burden of illness, injury, and loss of life in the event of an emergency or disaster through coordination and communication regarding emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

The primary purpose of the Mississippi ESF-8 Healthcare Coalition (MEHC) is to facilitate two-way communications and information sharing between state-level partners in order to identify any unmet needs and to propagate a current, accurate, common operating picture during emergency responses. The MEHC membership is comprised of state agencies, state associations, the military and others. The MEHC is activated whenever the MSDH Public Health Command Center is activated during an emergency response or when preempting a potential threat (i.e., Ebola) that impacts public health and medical services. During such events, the MEHC conducts a 15 +/- minute conference.

The MEHC serves to connect public health and medical services (ESF-8) agencies and partners through an effective statewide Healthcare Coalition. Members of the MEHC are top tier decision-makers for all-hazard management within their organization.

Role of the MEHC:

  • Promote understanding of every healthcare coalition (HCC) member’s specific roles and responsibilities in the health care delivery system’s emergency response
  • Enhance preparedness by sharing information regarding plans, resources, education, and processes
  • Support response by facilitating communication regarding evolving events (situational awareness) and enable feedback from local and regional partners
  • Participate in education and setting priorities for resource gaps and mitigation strategies
  • Complete emergency operations and continuity of operations plans and exercises and coordinate with the MEHC for technical assistance

Benefits of MEHC Membership:

  • Building Relationships
  • Improved Communications, Information Sharing & Establishing a Common Operating Picture
  • Technical Assistance for Planning and Response and in Meeting Regulatory Requirements
  • Resources to Support Activities and Benefits of Membership
  • Resources from HPP Funding
  • Vehicle for Seeking Support Outside of HPP Funding
  • Cost Sharing and Purchase Power (Supporting uniform equipment and education statewide.)