Determining if Mississippi has an adequate supply of nurses and healthcare professions requires the collection, synthesis, and analysis of the data concerning the supply, demand, and educational preparation of nurses and healthcare providers. Currently workforce data including turnover, vacancy and retention rates is collected from hospitals and long term care facilities. Workforce data for other select healthcare providers will be coming soon.



The MHA Organization of Nurse Executives, the Mississippi Center for Quality and Workforce, and the MS Council of Deans and Directors of Schools of Nursing jointly sponsor the Summer Student Nurse Externship Program (Externship Program). The Externship Program is designed to:

  • Provide students in nursing with an opportunity to enhance previously learned skills under the supervision of experienced registered nurses in the healthcare setting.
  • Assist students of nursing to experience acceptance in a work situation appropriate to their potential as future registered nurses.
  • Prepare students to assume responsibilities of full-time employees with respect to performance requirements, policies, and procedures of a health care agency.
  • Encourage retention of nursing graduates through provision of supplemental practice experience within the workplace.

Participation in the 2023 Externship program is reliant upon attendance at the January 31 orientation scheduled at the Mississippi Hospital Association. If your organization does not attend the orientation, it cannot participate in the summer program in 2023. 

Has your facility or SON registered?


2022 Mississippi Summer Student Nurse Externship Program

The program is coming to a close for 2022, with 39 hospitals and 19 schools of Nursing (SONs) participating across the state. A total of 451 externs have been reported as hired in Mississippi's hospitals


The program is offered to students after successful completion of year one in nursing school. It lasts for 8 weeks or 320 hours. Students can earn college credit through the program. The students are taught by registered nurses. Through the program, the students get the opportunity to gain hands on experience. In addition, a paycheck is earned while completing the program.

All facilities who plan to participate in the 2022 Externship Program must first watch this webinar: Externship 2022 Participant Meeting. It is one hour in length and explains the program in detail, including guidelines for COVID19:

Access Passcode: .RV?b6Mk


2022 APPROVED FACILITIES LIST               

Planning and Development District - Video and Documentation 

The four Planning and Development Districts (PDD) in the state of Mississippi fund the Externship program. Each PDD has its own specific guidelines the hospitals / externs must follow in order to receive the funding. 

The four districts are as follows: 
Central Mississippi Planning and Development District - CMPDD
Mississippi Partnership (Three Rivers) Planning and Development District - MSPTNR
South Delta Planning and Development District - SDPDD
South Mississippi (Twin Districts) Planning and Development District - SMPDD

Please click the appropriate district (see the map for reference ) and listen to your district’s webinar and download the appropriate documents. 

Questions? Please contact


MS Partner PDD    Central MS PDD   South Delta PDD  

Southern MS PDD

Externship Survey and Additional Resources

All externs (funded and non-funded) are requested to complete this survey once they finish their externship hours at participating hospitals. 

Every employed extern must complete the following survey prior to leaving the hospital campus on last day of employment:
Please complete the 2022 EXTERNSHIP PROGRAM SURVEY  

Questions or problems with link? Please email Robin Powell or call 601-368-3321.


For any questions regarding the Summer Student Nurse Externship Program, please contact:

Linda Holmes, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, Chair
Forrest General Hospital
6051 U.S. Hwy 49
Hattiesburg, MS 39401-7243
(601) 288-2655

LaNelle Weems, Director
MSCQW, MHA Health, Research, and Educational Foundation
116 Woodgreen Crossing
Madison, MS 39110
(601) 368-3322

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