UIP Staff

Curnis Upkins, Jr.
VP Human Resources
Telephone:  601.368.3302

Jim Martin, Director
Telephone: 601.368.3308
Fax: 601.368.3200

Tammy Brown, UI Claims Coordinator
Telephone: 601.368.3309
Fax: 601.368.3200


Unemployment insurance expenses can become quite costly. There is, however, a smart, cost-effective solution: UIP, the Unemployment Insurance Program from MHA Solutions, Inc. UIP was established in 1977 to help public and non-profit hospitals manage rising unemployment insurance expenses. Since that time, the program has helped Mississippi hospitals save more than $10 million. Together, we have over 90 years of experience in unemployment insurance and human resources. Today, we are able to offer that expertise to the entire business community.


MHA Solutions UIP offers the comprehensive services you need to effectively control costs that may have previously seemed uncontrollable. In addition to handling management and administrative duties, we will work to ensure that individuals who don't meet legal requirements for benefits are not paid. When necessary, we will protest improper payments and appeal unfavorable rulings. Our win rate is 96.3%. That's the kind of action that translates into true cost savings for your company.  


Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Membership: This option is available only to public and nonprofit employers who elect the reimbursable method of financing their unemployment insurance coverage. Protection is provided through a pooled trust of all program members, with separate account balances maintained for each member. Benefit reimbursement payments are made by the program to the state agency and interest accrued through the trust fund is funneled back into the member account to further reduce their unemployment expense.

Reimbursable Employer Fee-for-Service: This option offers the same UIP management services provided to trust fund members but there are three key differences. First, there is no requirement to pool funds. However, the employer will need to maintain an individual reserve or purchase a surety bond. Second, the state agency is reimbursed by the employer, not by UIP. Third, the employers pay a fee-for-service rendered by the program.

Taxable Employer Fee-for-Service: This plan is for taxable employers who must pay the state agency a percentage of their taxable payroll on a quarterly basis. The tax rate for these employers is calculated yearly and the rate increases or decreases based on the amount of claims expenses charged to their state UIP accounts. Proper management of claims expenses can substantially reduce the tax rate and unemployment expenses for these employers. Services provided are the same as the Reimbursable Employer Fee-for-Service but the employer does not have to maintain a surety bond or an individual reserve account.

Client Tailored Services: If your company has unique requirements that aren't addressed by our standard plans, MHA Solutions can design a custom UIP solution to fit your specific needs, goals and budget.

MHA Solutions can help you control unemployment insurance expenses in ways you probably never imagined. So take the time to find out more.  

• Hearing representation
• Maintain wage reports
• Respond to claims inquiries
• Review all UI claims
• Protest improper payments
• Appeal unfavorable rulings
• Audit experience rates
• Administer trust fund for public and non-profit employers
• Audit benefit charge statements
• Pay UI charges