MHA Investment Trust and Capital Programs

The MHA Investment Pool program has been operating since 2000.  The pool originally was conceived to allow Mississippi public hospitals to invest funds based on expanded opportunities available through an amendment to the Mississippi code at that time.  The pool is now open to all hospitals regardless of ownership type.

The pool has three funds: MHA Intermediate Duration Trust, the MHA Short Duration Trust and the MHA Ultra-short Duration Trust.  These trusts invest in a basket of investment grade government and corporate fixed income securities.    

For participating hospitals, the program utilizes expanded investment alternatives and enhanced liquidity features through a pooling of funds.  Investment through the Trusts allows for purchase of investment securities in larger volume and investment in a diverse group of securities, allowing diversification typically accessible only to larger institutional investors.  

The Trusts are governed by the Investment Pool Oversight Committee (IPOC), which is a committee made up of representatives from the hospital participants.  The IPOC engages a fiduciary consultant to assist it in selecting and monitoring investment managers for the Trusts.  

BancorpSouth serves as trustee and core manager for the program.  Other managers have been chosen to manage a portion of the assets to complement the strategies that BancorpSouth employs.  A strategic plan is developed for participating hospitals based upon cash flow analysis and forecasting techniques, which result in increased liquidity and higher returns.

For more information, contact Richard Grimes at (800) 289-8884, (601) 368-3204 or