These programs have been developed in response to members' needs and are managed by MHA Solutions staff:

MHA Solutions Insurance Agency
The cornerstone of MHA Solutions Insurance Services is Healthcare Providers Insurance Company, a professional liability, general liability, and workers’ compensation program.  As those programs have grown over the last several years, other services were established to support member access to insurance products and services, including the MHA Solutions Insurance Agency, a full service property and casualty insurance agency.

TPA Solutions
MHA Solutions' TPA Services allows members to contract for administrative services for self-funded liability and workers’ compensation plans. MHA Solutions also offers claims administration for hospitals who self-fund liability and workers’ compensation coverage. We also offer litigation management designed to reduce costs through aggressive claims handling by trained professionals. Our risk management service offers individualized service plans with a focus on patient safety and proactive risk management and loss control services.

MHA Investment Trust and Capital Programs
The MHA Investment Pool program has been operating since 2000.  The pool originally was conceived to allow Mississippi public hospitals to invest funds based on expanded opportunities available through an amendment to the Mississippi code at that time.  The pool is now open to all hospitals regardless of ownership type.

HR Solutions

MHA Solutions offers a variety of human resource services, including:
• Training and consultation
• Supervisor education
• Employee discipline, counseling, hiring and termination
• Effective communication
• Leadership training
• Online termination reporting
• Turnover and claims activity
• Review of handbooks, policies, job applications, and job descriptions
• Audited benefit charge statements
Summary of benefit charges
•  Hearing reports
•  Recruitment tools (including rehirable employee list, online job listings and salary survey resources)

In July of 2015, Intermountain Healthcare became the substantial owner of Intalere, (formerly Amerinet).  The new Intalere name and brand identity were officially adopted in January 2016. The new Intalere was envisioned as a professional supply chain company offering a comprehensive suite of services to empower healthcare providers to better manage their entire non-labor spend and ultimately deliver superior care.